Since the start of 2020 we have all had to change our expectations and modify our behaviours.
Regardless of the progress of the vaccination programme and given the current rise in transmission of variants our expectations for the race will be:
Before the race
• If you are showing any CoVID Symptoms you must not put yourself or other competitors, crew, and wider community at risk and self-isolate.
• We are also asking that you take a Lateral Flow Test the day before and after the event, report the results to the relevant health authority and self-isolate if required.
• In addition, please remember that the more people at the event the greater risk of transmission. Keep it to competitors only and for juniors a maximum of 1 adult/guardian per child.
• Remember your face coverings and wear them where 2m Social Distancing is difficult.
• There will be sanitiser at strategic points, but it would be a good idea to bring a small bottle with you for times when it is not nearby.
Race Day
• Registration will be a drive thru system between 8am and 10am at the entrance to the event field – please follow signs. Competitors who arrive the night before, or on bike, will be able to socially distant queue – please follow signs.
• Face Coverings will be required up to and including the start and in transition. That means you are probably best to use a buff and then pull it down/shove it in your pocket once you start racing.
• We are still considering options for Water at the halfway point on the run. At this point in time please assume there is not going to be one.
• If anything changes we will email/announce it via the Public Address system
• Podiums/Presentation will be in the Event field.
• Again, to reduce risk, please do not stay longer than you must.
Finally, thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing at least half your faces next week!
The Galloway Hillbillies